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Diversity in Practice

American Healthcare LLC is a minority woman owned company certified by NMSDC. Our staff has combined 70+ years of experience dealing with recruiting and staffing who have worked in a variety of healthcare settings.

We find within American Healthcare a unique blend of people who come from different heritages and experiences, with a wide range of cultures, perspectives and talents. Our differences are important—they make us who we are as individual employees and, together, who we are as a company. By leveraging our individual talents and tapping into our unique insights, we stand to achieve our Managing for Growth goals by an overwhelming margin.

Diversity within American Healthcare is certain to grow as we grow—into new markets, serving new customers in other countries. As a result, understanding diversity and accepting and respecting our differences will take on an even greater importance.

At core, we believe diversity is not just a policy—it is a key driver to our success. For this reason, we honor diversity within our organization by building an inclusive work environment and by embracing proactive diversity supplier policies. We recognize and appreciate the unique contributions that each employee, supplier, and customer brings to our business success.

We truly believe that our focus on diversity enhances the insight we gain into new markets and new customers. Embracing diversity makes us a better company and a better place to work, and ensures our success.

The National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice formally identified increasing racial/ethnic diversity of the RN workforce as one measure needed to ensure a workforce that's able to meet the U.S. population’s nursing needs.

The council, advocating that the nation set an action agenda to address the issue, recommends the following goals:

  • Identify educational environments and programs that successfully support recruitment, admission, retention, and graduation of minorities and more widely implement successful models
  • Increase the number of diverse faculty in nursing programs over the number reported by the American Association of Colleges of Nurses for 1997-1998
  • Improve the evaluation of and accountability for the outcomes of programs that are funded to increase diversity in nursing
  • Establish partnerships among health profession education groups to help identify indicators for the academic and practice success of minority students
  • Educate minority communities regarding nursing as a career
  • Increase minority students’ and their advisors/counselors’ understanding of the academic requirements necessary to facilitate access to a professional nursing program
  • Increase the overall number and percentage of baccalaureate-prepared minority nurses in the basic nurse workforce (At least two-thirds should hold baccalaureates or higher degrees by the year 2010.)
Promote diverse nurse leadership development:
  • Increase the number of minority nurses in policy/leadership positions in health care administration, academia and research
  • Reduce social isolation of minority nurse leaders by increasing opportunities for professional development activities focusing on the development of support systems
  • Increase the use of mentors for students and those nurses that are young in their careers

Develop practice environments that promote diversity:

  • Create and maintain workplace environments and employee support programs that promote and document recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse nurses
  • Promote the preparation of all nurses to provide culturally competent care
  • Establish cultural competence standards in education and practice

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