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  Instant Pay
  Competitive Pay Rates
  Office Staffs with 30 + years experience - in Staffing
  Access 24 hours 7 days a week
  Discounts on Scrubs
  Per Diem Assignments
  Local Contracts
  Permanent Placement opportunities
    Being short staffed can cripple your healthcare facility. A fact we are well aware of. Do not let being short staffed cause you the problems listed below:
  Employee Turnover
  Staff Burnout
  High Patient to Nurse Ration
  Lost revenue by postponing procedures and treatments
What sets AHC healthcare professionals apart from the rest is our most up to date screening process. American Healthcare is proud of our nurses who have helped us to maintain a high standard of excellence.The screening process consists of but is not limited to:
  One year clinical experience required
  License Verification
  Physician Statement
  CPR/ACLS Certification
  TB Testing
  Comprehensive Reference Verification
  Competency Testing
  Skills Checklist
  Immunization Records

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