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American Healthcare LLC is committed to help you find the best travel nursing jobs, per diem nursing jobs and permanent nursing jobs across the USA. With high salaries, a great benefits package, furnished housing and relocation assistance, we have all the resources you need to advance your nursing career.


What IS travel nursing, anyway?
One way to think of it is like good old fashioned temp work. Yes, the Kelley Girl has come to nursing. Healthcare hiring managers sometimes have no alternative. It may be because they are in small out of the way locales or due to an opening they simply can’t, but must, fill. Occasionally there is a work stoppage and outside nurses must be brought in to keep the hospital open. But mostly, I would guess, it is a simple case of supply and demand.

Travel nurses are contracted for short term assignments through agencies that specialize in travel nursing. The agency normally supplies the travel nurse with housing and travel expense, help with licensing, benefits and payroll services. The hospital fills the position temporarily and the nurse gets paid above market wages to work and live in a new locale. Everybody wins.

How long are the travel nursing assignments?
This can vary with the agency and the healthcare employer. A typical assignment might last as little as 8 weeks or as long as 26 weeks. The assignment can be renewed sometimes and stretch out longer but this would only happen if both parties agreed. You can count on 8-13 weeks as a guideline for a normal contract.

If I like my travel nursing job can I extend?
It depends on the assignment. Often the agency has made arrangements that will allow the position to convert to a permanent position if the facility and travel nurse mutually desire. Some of the positions are temporary and will remain that way. I would say that most of the time if the travel nurse wants to remain in the area as a permanent nurse the agency and the employer will figure out a way to make it happen.

I am an LVN. Can I travel?
Although there are some positions open for LVNs far and away the most and the best spots are for RNs.

If you are an LVN and want to study for your RN online you might want to look into a program that allows you to get the RN designation while studying completely online. Click here for more information

Can a friend and I get assigned together as travel nurses?
Sure! Obviously the needs of the hospital and the skill set of you and your friend dictate whether this will work, but what better way to experience the excitement of a new city or region then with a friend. We have seen lots of cases where husband and wife teams take assignments together and get the opportunity to travel to new and interesting places they may have never dreamed of living and working.

Let’s talk housing and relocation
This is all included in your contract with the travel nursing agency. Normally you are provided with furnished housing. Sometimes you are given a housing allowance and assisted with finding local housing of your choice. Think about it. It is in the interest of the agency to make this whole experience as positive for you as they can. The travel nurse is a treasured asset of the agency and they would like you to keep accepting assignments over and over. They will make sure you are taken care of. That’s how agencies make their money and nurses wanting assignments are their number one priority.

As for travel expense, it will be handled by the agency. Some will fly you to the assignment, some will give you a mileage reimbursement. All of these things will be spelled out very specifically, in advance, in your contract with the agency.

As a travel nurse can I bring my pet?
This is usually not a good idea. Rentals are not too keen on Fido or Blackie sharing your home. Occasionally it is allowed but more often then not you will be required to pay some sort of security deposit to make sure your little buddy doesn’t destroy furniture or do other damage. Be sure to ask in advance!

How much do you make as a travel nurse?
This varies widely with geography but you can expect the pay rate for these assignments to be above normal. All of the usual things come into play. ( Area of expertise, experience, and shift). The bottom line is this. With benefits such as housing paid for and a pay scale above the norm you should have a lot of extra income in your pocket to take advantage of your travel adventure.

Do travel nurse get comparable benefits?
Virtually all travel agencies will provide health, dental and workers compensation. Some even have 401 Ks and other types of retirement plans. There is a large garden variety of benefit plans available and it would be wise to look this over carefully and compare. You may also want to check with your personal financial advisor on what sort of individual retirement plans are available to you. Your extra compensation might provide you with a way to enhance your tax favored retirement savings.

Who actually pays travel nurses?
The agency you contract with will pay you. Ask in advance for the details on pay periods and how you will receive your check. Consider direct deposit if it is available.

Do travel nurses get bonuses?
This all depends on the agency you select. Some will pay referral bonuses if you send them a candidate that actually signs up with them and completes an assignment. There are also completion bonuses paid sometimes for the successfully completion of your contract. As with everything else in travel nursing, the time to nail this down is when you are choosing an agency and when you are signing your contract.

Do I need a license in every state I work in?
The short answer is yes. Any agency will be happy to help you with this process. As a licensed nurse in your existing state the process is not too complicated. Check with your agency representative to find out what to do in the state you are interested in.

How will travel nursing look on my resume?
Experience always enhances a resume. Working as a travel nurse automatically exhibits your ability to be flexible and adapt to new and changing environments. The longer you work in this arena and the more assignments you show on your resume will only serve to make you look more attractive to future employers.

What experience should I have to be a travel nurse?
As with any job, this is a wide open question. Generally speaking employers and agencies like to see one year of on-the-job experience. However some agencies have new grad travel openings. The best thing to do is to check with the individual agencies.

How do I find a travel nursing agency and what should I ask them?
Travel nursing is a very competitive business and agencies do everything they can to make themselves known. If you have a friend or co-worker who has worked a travel assignment ask them for a recommendation. All of the nursing publications are awash with ads. And of course, there is the Internet.

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